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Amicable Mondiale Farms is an Agricultural firm that supplies seeds and input to farms, trains and provides management and advisory services to investors in the agricultural industry, within Nigeria and overseas. We have five operating divisions:
• Operational /Management of Farms
• Training, Consulting & Research
• Food Processing/Packaging and Export
• Sourcing/Sales of Agro product
• Amicable Mondiale Little Speckles

To become a leading company in the African agriculture sector by forming beneficial and profitable partnerships with smallholder farmers and other key stakeholders in Africa teaching them the organic way of farming which is healthier and cost effective. Raising at least 8000 farmers in every African country trained and managed by Amicable Mondiale farms by the year 2025.

To produce quality agricultural products and services using improved production, value addition, marketing innovations for multiple benefits and ensuring convenience, accuracy of orders with all simplicity and timely delivery.


Amaka Chukwudum-Daniel

She is the founder of Amicable Mondiale Farms and has a diverse interest in agriculture on which she has written many books.

Her business has specialties vested in both crop farming and animal husbandry which includes Hard wood, Industrial Charcoal, Hibiscus, Processed Snails, Dried Split Ginger, Processed Periwrinkles, Dried Bush Meat, Palm Oil, Tiger Nuts, Melon Seeds, Soya Beans and more.

Her entrepreneurial drive was sparked by her love for creativity and wanting to be challenged, to create new ideas and to change strategies every so often instead of getting bored in an office job.

From her journey on the Future Female Business School Programme in partnership with UK-Nigeria Tech Hub, She learnt that integrity matters in everything, creativity is the spark and colours that paint your wings in the sky of entrepreneurship, and that you can be anything that you set your mind to.

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